In app favorites will be changing how they work.

Hello everyone!

Before I dive into the details about the changes that will be coming to the way favorites work, I want to make sure everyone knows that these changes are still quite a while away from being seen by everybody. I want to provide notice to everyone about these changes so they can be prepared for them when the day comes.

So what exactly is changing?
Currently anytime you set a favorite within the app, the information is then saved locally on your xbox for the app to reference at a later point. Coming to the next version of the app, favorites will no longer be saved locally. Instead, they will be linked to your account and the favorites you set there.

What exactly does this mean?
It means that when the new version does eventually release to the masses, your current favorites will be gone.

How can you prepare for this change?
It's simple, if you haven't already created an account on, you can do so at any point. Find the images you love the most and select the heart button to add it to your favorites.

Why are you changing this?
There are several reasons for the change, most notably is the fact that if you have a massive collection of favorites and one day your xbox broke, or you needed to factory rest, etc. all of your favorites would be gone! By linking them with your account, no matter what console you get on, your favorites are a simple sign on away. Another reason for the change is to allow you more options for browsing the available images and adding them to your favorites. If your a follower of us on twitter and you see a new image added to the app that you want in your favorites and your not home, no big deal! log into the site on your mobile device, add it to your favorites, and when you get home it will be there in your list!

This is going to be probably the biggest change to the app that will impact our users the most, it may be a minor inconvenience at this point which is why I'm providing the super early heads up to allow you to get prepared. But in the end the result will be much more beneficial for all our users. Feel free to provide your feedback below!

-Creator of Theme My XBox


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