Please check here if rotating backgrounds has stopped working for you!

Hello everyone,

I understand that rotating backgrounds isn't working for some people, even though it has worked before. I have a thought on what might be causing this but I need some help!

If it has suddenly stopped working I ask that you go into your favorites and try to manual set each favorite as your background.
If while manually trying to set your favorites as a background one of the images fails to set, please remove the image(s) from your favorite. Once that is done re-enable the rotating background feature and report back here if the backgrounds start to change again.

What I think is happening is that there are some bad eggs for images that the console just doesn't allow to set as a background for some reason or another it just fails. When this happens and it's one of those images turn to become your next background the task fails to set your background and doesn't update the process to skip that image. And in turn it will forever continue to try and set that image giving the appearance that it has stopped working.

-Creator of Theme My XBox


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