Please ensure you are adhering to these guidelines below to ensure your images get approved and added in a timely manner!

  • Ensure your uploads are placed in the proper category.
    • Themes: Are images in which have corresponding positions on the image to go in line with the layout of the Xbox One Dashboard. For more info see this post here
    • Walpapers: Are plain images without corresponding positions for the Xbox One Dashboard
  • Image resolutions must be either HD, Full HD, QHD or 4K and maintain the 16:9 aspect ratios, accepted resolutions are:
    • HD: 1280 * 720
    • Full HD: 1920 * 1080
    • QHD: 2560 * 1440
    • 4K: 3840 * 2160
  • If you have multiple resolutions of the same image, upload only the higher of the resolutions. Ex: You have a 1280*720 image and 1920*1080 image. Upload only the 1920*1080.
  • Ensure you properly name your upload under Set Photo Properties
  • No inappropriate content allowed. IE: Pornography of any kind, terrorism (not videogame related), etc.

Any Image not adhering to these guidelines will be subject to being rejected. We reserve the right to modify these guidelines at any time, proper notices will be posted if changes are made.