Our prayers go out to everyone that is still recovering from the massive destruction and losses from the result of Hurricane Harveys path through Texas. We hope all our users in the Texas area are safe and pray for you all.

It's terrible to realize that after the massive destruction and flooding left in it's wake, that there is yet another Hurricane with it's eye set on the US.

This is where we become affected. At this point in time and going through the following week, there will most likely be some delays in handling any newly uploaded images. We are based out of Florida and are keeping a very close eye on the upcoming storm and making any final preparations in the event we must evacuate, and gathering any supplies we need to stay safe. We will continue to monitor for any new images and approve when we can. If any potential server issues arrise we will react as quickly as we can, when we can, but for the next week we must put our families first and hope that our our users in the potential path of this storm stay safe.