New Homepage and template!

Hello everyone!

We are very excited to be bringing everyone a very much needed update to the website! As you may have already noticed we switched on a new theme last week and have been continuosly working to tweak it. Some key takeaways from the new theme:

  • When browsing through images, the next set of images will automatically load at the bottom. Yup that's right, endless scroll!
  • To coincide with the above, the navigational header will remain fixed to the top of the screen for easy navigation no matter where you are on the page.
  • New homepage! Integrated news feed, forum feed and a constant refresh of the latest 5 images added to the app for easy access!

We hope you like the changes made to the site recently, these are just the beginning and more will come as we continue to update the site and work towards our beta release of the next version of the app!


If you have any feedback or suggestions regarding the new site feel free to head over to our forums!