The future of Theme My Xbox
***First let me start out by saying this is not a farewell, but more of a what needs to be done to help the app grow and maintain the ever expanding user base.***

When I first created the Theme My Xbox app I never expected to reach 25,000 downloads, have numerous articles written about the app, or even such a great community that has grown with the app. And here we are now, 8 months later with over 130,000 downloads, several articles written about the app, one including on Windows Central. I'm absolutely amazed at how great this has been! Sure, there has been some hiccups along the way, some bugs that need squashed; but overall the response from the xbox community has been overwhelming and drives me to keep this app going.

With that said, as of now I've been funding the servers 100% from my own pocket and this hadn't really been a problem. But in order to maintain the servers with the growth of the app, some kind of monetizing needs to be done. Yes there are ads on the site but those only go so far to generating income for the service. So there is the issue I am faced with and would like to gather as much feedback as possible before moving forward.

Here's my ideas:

  • has all current features
  • rotating backgrounds locked to 60 minute intervals (this feature requires intense bandwidth from the server)
  • ad supported

  • low cost subscription, possibly $4 a year
  • subscription would remove ads from both the app and website
  • will unlock faster rotating backgrounds starting at 15 mins
  • other features that I'm not ready to announce that would require more server resources

I've set up a quick survey below that will help me gather feedback before anything gets set in stone, if you could take a moment of your time and answer the few questions it would be greatly appreciated!