Lately we have been receiving reports from users running the latest preview dashboard on the Xbox One that the app is not working. At this moment there is nothing we can do about it. We have no way of knowing what is casuing the app to fail without being able to run the Developer Environment on the console. And unfortunately you are only allowed to either have the console in "Preview mode" or "Developer Mode" and not both. So without being able to run the preview dash and have access to debugging we can not track down the reason for the failure. It is also entirely possible that the issue will resolve itself as microsoft progresses through testing the update and the cause of it to be remedied by a dashboard update.

We appreciate all the reports coming in about the issue and it'll allow us to keep an eye out for when the official release of the dashboard becomes available and track down the problem. And if the app does start to work with a preview update please let us know as well!