We know everybody hates ads! We hate them too! Unfortunately it's a necessary evil to keep this site and ap running for all our users. So we are looking into several options to create an ad free experience for our users who would like it, and still contribute to keep the site running. We have set up a new page for our users to visit and allow them to customize this option. By default it is set to show ads. So let's dive into the details:

Option 1) Default: Ads are shown on the site, if adblock is enabled a notice will appear asking to please disable.

Option 2) Mine Crypto Currency. This option will disable all ads on the website anytime you visit and instead, will utilize a portion of your CPU to generate income for the site only while you are browing our site. There is no software that gets installed on your machine, it is 100% browser based. Once you navigate away from our site the mining stops.

Option 3) Currently not available but is planned to be implemented in the future will allow users to subscribe to a premium option that will disable all ads both in app and on the site and unlock some additional features that are planned. This will be a low cost yearly subscription model.


We would love to hear your feedback on these options and if you'd like to see other options possibly added as well let us know! 

Click here to change your setting, no login required!