Hello everyone! 

We wanted to inform everybody that over the weekend of 11/4/2017 through 11/6/2017 we are planning to perform some scheduled maintenance and also performing a server migration. During this time period the website will most likely go into a offline state. 

What this means is the website itself will still be accessible but will instead display an under maintenance message. We need to do this in order to perform a server migration and maintain the integrity of the databse and all uploaded files until the transition is complete. We will be moving to a faster server with unlimited bandwidth to avoid further overages and keep the site and app online to better serve our users. If everything gets completed sooner we will bring it all back online once we know the migration has been completed succesfully

The app should remain available with minimal to no downtime during this period.

Thank you for your patience during this time while we work to make Theme My Xbox a better experience for everyone!